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Let's try to figure out what Mila Kunis was being asked at her Ted press conference

07.04.2012by: Droz

The press conference photos they take of celebs answering questions about their movies are hilarious. The photographers must put their cameras on burst and snap a few thousand photos of every move these celebs faces make. These shots from Mila Kunis' PC for her movie TED are no exception. I have to wonder about what they were asking her in each of these. Let's see if we can figure it out.


"Ms. Kunis, just a few questions. First off I have to ask - do you find me attractive and would you ever date me?"


"Alright, ummm, you dated Mcauly Kulkin for several years. Can you tell me what you think about when you think of sex with former child stars?"


"Okay, interesting. Can you give us your best thoughtful intellectual face?


"Not bad. How about a deer in the headlights?"


"Fantastic! Tell me, what's your reaction to the fact that Ashton Kutcher is worth $150 million dollars?"


"Yes, that is quite perplexing. Tell me, if you were a god, how would you look down on all your servants from heaven?"


"Wonderful. You're a great actress, Mila. Really fast, give me your interpretation of being at the dentist."

"Thank you Mila. You're beautiful."

Extra Tidbit: I was being nice with that last one.
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