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Let's take an Ocean Drive with Katharine McPhee

08.30.2016by: Droz

Everybody's favorite songbird/crime show star Katharine McPhee has a spread in Ocean Drive magazine this month, wherein she once again looks damn amazing. And as usual, they left many of the best shots out of the final spread. They were kind enough to post a BTS video along with the article and photo spread which gives us a glimpse of a few of these missing shots, one of which is the photographer's favorite. Strange this wasn't included in the final spread, but at least we can see something of it.

Katharine McPhee Ocean Drive Outtake, September 2016

I mean they got the one with her in the boring dress that doesn't show hardly any skin. But the really hot red number with the hotter cleavage gets left out. Way to assess the importance of things, Ocean Drive. Anyway, you'll probably want to avoid reading her little interview accompaniment to these pics. Not unless you want to learn all about Katharine's love of The Kardashians. Yeah, Kat is one of those people who keeps everyone's least favorite family of morons fixed in popular culture. Well, there's your proof that no one is perfect. Katharine comes pretty close though.

Source: Ocean Drive


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