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Let's take a moment and address this Amber Rose situation

01.20.2015by: Droz

Feel free to come at this one with all the down votes you like, as we're probably thinking the same on the subject of Amber Rose here. I see her around from time to time. If you are familiar with those in the so-called "rap game," you probably recognize her. She used to be with Kanye West before he upgraded to a higher priced ass in the form of Kim Kardashian. Recently Amber ended her troubled marriage to Wiz Khalifa, which has apparently set her on the path to finding a new rapper sugar daddy. Thus her determination to literally flood the intertubes with candid pic moments like these, making it hard to igore her.

So let's look at the issues. I'm no hater of the thicker variety of woman - quite the contrary. However, the standards for thickness as they pertain to women looking to fraternize with rappers seems to be literally exploding out of control. Women like Amber and Coco Austin and the various Kardashians seem to be engaged in some kind of big ass cold war for the attention of rich rappers, who are clearly reaping the benefits of this ballooning butt situation. That's fine for them, I guess. Seems like a sad situation to me. Loathsome personalities aside, I was rather fond of the the more moderate curves women like Amber or Kim K used to sport. But apparently those pleasantly curvy bodies just weren't flashy enough for the men their owners were looking to get with. Only bodies that look like overinflated parade balloons will do now. Just one more thing to hate about pop culture today.


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