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Let's stay up all night and see what's on TV with hottie Emma Roberts

05.12.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

They have a thing these days called the 2015 Fox Programming Presentation which can't be more than a showing of a few trailers and telling a bunch of people who already know what shows are coming out in the year of 2015 what shows are coming out in the year of 2015. Doesn't sound like the most exciting event of the season, but at the very least we have a couple of cuties showing up to show their support and remind us that they'll be in a show that'll be coming out in the year of 2015. In this case, we have the cute little Emma Roberts who will be popping up her pretty little head for SCREAM QUEENS. Could be cool. Who knows? It is network cable, after all, but with AMERICAN HORROR STORY under her belt (and Ryan Murphy's) perhaps this'll be something worth watching. If it isn't, at the very least I'll have these pics of Emma looking adorable in a little black outfit that shows off her midriff to look at. Yeah. That should do it, actually. 

Source: Got Celeb


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