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Let's make some more golden Bryce Dallas Howard moments

12.08.2016by: Droz

All these throwback crime caper movies are starting to blur together lately. It's always the shady guy with the scam of the century, or some criminal kingpin with big ideas, all conspiring to make themselves rich even though their plans eventually lead to some terrible fall and/or inevitable ruin. They also seem to involve today's leading men made into overweight, balding antiheroes. Take Bale in AMERICAN HUSTLE, or Depp in BLACK MASS, and now McConaughey in Bryce Dallas Howard's new movie GOLD. Of course the other half of this uglification of leading men is often the sexification of a leading lady, this time played by Bryce looking pretty good in a slutty kind of way.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Gold 2016

I much prefer Bryce fixes come to us in more adorable or classy forms, like the trilogy of recent Bryce moments I've put together for your viewing pleasure below. One unfortunate thing you may notice in these is a disappointing lack of ass shots. These have been hard to come by lately, I'm sad to say. That is troubling, but do take comfort in all the good things she's got for us up front too.

Source: Superior Pics


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