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Lets just get it over with and build Selena Gomez her own Pantheon

11.30.2015by: No Cool Handle

Remember back when you had no choice but to buy compact discs if you wanted to ware out the latest hits? One of the many downsides to this was, most the time, the disc was filled with songs you never even listened to; you basically payed full price for all the tracks when there were only a few you really wanted, or, were any good. That's the best way I can describe this photo shoot for In Style, featuring the prolific Selena Gomez. Most of them are pretty dull, leaving my decision to post them teetering. On one hand, the Internet has been overloaded with pics of this young women; so much so we may soon need another place to store them all. On the other hand, there's a couple in this collection that leave me no choice. One or two photos of this blossoming pop singer that feature her unsupported chest is worth enduring the other mundane ones, like: Selena Gomez sitting on the side of a bed in pajamas – I'm not sure I see the appeal there. Also, I can't help but puzzle over a suspicious looking addition. One of her wearing a tank top, sans bra, where it appears a decision was made to photoshop off the nips. What the hell is that about?

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