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Let's indulge in some more of that Bryce Dallas Howard thickness

08.16.2016by: Droz

I'm still not sure what these Day of Indulgence parties are all about. I know they are periodically thrown a few times a year. I also know they seem to draw famous female celebrities like vultures to a corpse. But what exactly they indulge in there remains something of a mystery. I'm sure I could find out, if I wanted to. But I prefer to entertain my baser notions, namely houses chock full of famous hotties bare ass naked, indulging in all sorts of steamy, sweaty, mindlessly depraved acts of pure depravity. I'm sure the truth is far more sedate. It's probably lotions and candles and shit. Famous hotties like Bryce Dallas Howard do seem to love these things though.

I'm curious how long Bryce will be able to hang on to the kind of thickness she's enjoying nowadays. Production is going to start soon on JURASSIC WORLD 2. And if I know anything about the studio folks, it's likely they're going to take a dim view of Bryce's new thickness. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they insist she burn off some of that booty. That would be a shame. I've become so fond of her wider proportions as of late. It's gonna suck to see them go. Although I can live with it as long as she keeps that red hair.

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