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Let's hit up the Billboard pics one more time, with wacky Britney Spears

05.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I gave up on watching music award shows a long time ago, figuring that my time was better off invested in just about anything else. With the crazy stage productions and the random meltdowns getting clipped into YouTube watchable moments, the need to view during the telecast seems void. From everything I've glanced through regarding the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, it was a low key and tame kinda night, with a lousy tribute to Prince by Madonna, who might be an icon but seems lazy and dull in her elder years. Britney Spears, however? Who would have guessed that the woman having a meltdown 10 years ago after birthing a couple kids fathered by a mouthbreather would ever get a new start?

I am kinda in love with the Brit of the here and now, far fitter and in touch with what's going on than she ever was, even in her teen years. Spears is feisty, clear-eyed and hysterical, laughing at the award she was given, probably because it looks like a golden butt plug (or shoe horn, the debate is still unsettled in my mind). Making faces for the cameras and goofing off after delivering a nearly 8-minute long performance where she kept time and looked completely in control (although I'm guessing all of those shows in Vegas is what has her in her prime), Britney is most definitely the undisputed princess of pop. I have yet to see anyone else fall as far and bounce back as high as she. And she deserves all of the love and appreciation that she's being shown.


Source: Billboard


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