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Let's have fun with Maitland Ward as she gets in & out of her SDCC cosplay paint

07.14.2015by: Cherry Liquor
How could we have a nerd convention and not have Maitland Ward show up in one of her trademark skimpy outfits? That simply wouldn't do! Ward was clearly having a lot of fun as she prepped her Orion slave girl cosplay, taking a turn from her more recognized slave Leia costume that she's donned for other conventions. Not sure who was the lucky guy getting to smear green paint all over her body as Maitland did what some of us have come to love her for - be a free spirit engaged in laughter and smiles. I can't help but really like this girl, no matter what the haters might have to say. She's happy with her life and that infectious attitude of hers can be felt through even the most jaded of computer screens. 
Source: Contact Music


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