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Let's go backstage with Alison Brie

09.04.2015by: Droz

It feels like Alison Brie's SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE movie has been premiering for months now. I was reading reviews of it back in March when it was making its way around the festival circuit. Then there were various followup events tied to the movie taking place over and over again after that. But now it's finally going to be available in a wide release, so we can go see Alison not get naked in a movie about sex addiction. Yeah, that feels like a bait and switch to me. You tell me Alison is playing a sex addict who can't stop banging dudes, I expect to see some skin. After all these years of blue balling us with countless maximum cleavage moments, aren't we entitled to at least one good look at Alison's tits? I sure as hell think so. But it seems the movie's director, Leslye Headland, didn't feel like she needed to have her actors nude at any point in his sex comedy. I don't wanna be sexist, but I think only a male director could fully understand the importance of getting Alison out of her clothes for a movie about a sex junkie. Alison described the situation earlier this year:

"It was Leslye's choice," Brie added. "It especially speaks to her innovation and creativity to create sex scenes that are about intimacy and connection and not about nudity — and can still be risqué. It's not about nipples. I mean, my nipples were hard, but you didn't have to see them."

What a terrible, tragic oversight. And of course, there's Alison, grinding salt into the wound by dangling that delicious morsel out there for us, only to have it snatched away at the last second. I might be pretty damn frustrated with her, if I wasn't so in love with her. But anyway, here's another magazine where Alison almost shows off her tits. I'm gonna go be somewhere else for awhile.

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