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Let's give Jessica Chastain a chance to make up for that horrible magazine spread

10.14.2015by: Droz

Seriously, what the f*ck was up with that ridiculous W Magazine spread featuring the usually radiant Jessica Chastain? How does anyone look at a immaculate creature like Jessica walking into a photoshoot and think "what can we do to totally screw her up?" It was such a shame too, because look at that awesome see thru cleavage she was rocking. What a wasted opportunity. Then again, I suppose there wouldn't have been the titty show there if they hadn't coupled it with the nasty punk overtones. Oh well, I'd have a somewhat more reserved Jessica over that other nonsense any day of the week. Take her temptress in turquoise look coming out of a couple morning shows in NYC yesterday. She's beautiful here, with just a touch of sexual energy coming through that super tight dress. Very nice. Hopefully Jessica will keep herself like this until the day comes when she's ready to bring the boobage without first turning herself into a pop culture freak.

Source: HawtCelebs


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