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Let's close out this 3 day marathon of Amber Heard with some leg action

06.06.2014by: Droz

Three whole days of our favorite bisexual beauty, Amber Heard. Such marathons are usually reserved for frequent publicity junkies like Kelly Brook, who it's not unheard of to see jetting all over the world for one impressive spectacle after another, but I'm more than pleased that Amber has decided to come with the rapid fire hottie events. This time it's at some Stella McCartney fashion thing, where she was showing off some sexy leg in what I can only assume is one of Stella's creations.

I've got a problem with Amber and her sexuality. It's not that the idea of her being with women doesn't appeal to me. Believe me, I'm all for that. My problem is that actually trying to picture her engaging in that is too much for me to bear. I don't know why that is. I suspect it might be something akin to looking at the sun for more than a second or two. We just can't handle that much radiance without succumbing to the limits of our biology. Every time I try picture Amber's sweet face getting pressed down between some other hottie's thighs, I just have to look away. It's just too much. Maybe that's why Johnny Depp has that glazed look in his eyes all the time now. Seeing that no doubt glorious spectacle unfold before him on multiple occasions has probably taken its toll on him. Don't be surprised if he's a drooling idiot in a fedora by the time they get ready to walk the aisle.


Extra Tidbit: It's weird that Paul McCartney's daughter looks older than him.
Source: Hawt Celebs


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