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Let's check out some more of X-Files hottie Annet Mahendru

01.25.2016by: Droz

I'm still trying to get a handle on what all was happening on last night's rebirth of The X-Files. They were packing a lot of stuff into one episode. Something about homemade UFOs, friendly aliens, Alex Jones brand paranoia, and shady government scientist informers. Hey, it wouldn't be The X-Files without some labyrinthine conspiracy theory. One thing that did come through loud and clear was actress Annet Mahendru playing the alien abductee who is apparently the key to everything. I can see why the aliens would want her. Girl is hot and then some.

Annet Mahendru

If you watch The Americans, you know Annet already. She plays KGB double agent Nina Sergeevna Krilova and in doing so injects some welcome exotic hotness into that show and pretty much everything she's associated with. That's due to her Russian/Afghan heritage, an intoxicating mix which makes one hell of a sexy woman. I'd very much like to get a whole lot more of Annet on The X-Files, though it seems like ****SPOILER**** her character was killed by a triangle UFO. That's unfortunate, but there's no way anyone as fine as her wont move on to something else real soon. Check out our Report Card on Annet and several reasons why Annet deserves much more attention below.

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