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Let's all cuddle up to Lia Marie Johnson's huggable cleavage in a swimsuit

01.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm not quite sure who this Lia Maria Johnson is, even after looking her up and discovering that she has a number of acting entries in her IMDB resume and Wikipedia is claiming she's also a singer and an internet personality. I don't have time for these YouTube stars. That is, I don't bother to make time for them unless they have some seriously impressive boobs packed into swimsuits in a beach themed photoshoot. Johnson's biggest lead role so far has been a TV movie called "Terry the Tomboy," in which she looks like Miley Cyrus in a 99 Cent Store wig and... wow, am I glad I stopped watching Nickelodeon a long time ago. Lia Marie is 19-years old and built like a Swimsuit Illustrated model so if the acting doesn't pan out, she can certainly try hitting up other avenues that she's clearly more suited for.
Source: Saw First


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