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Leticia Peres might be one of the most beautiful people who ever lived

03.10.2015by: Droz

That headline might sound hyperbolic, but just check out Leticia Peres' spread in C-Heads magazine and tell me I'm wrong. The Brazilian model and actress has just about everything I could ever put on a checklist of the most desirable qualities in a human female. She's gorgeous from every angle, with beautiful brown eyes, dark hair, full lips and an elegant, graceful face. She's also got a incredible body, complete with Brazilian style round booty and breasts of just the right shape and size. She's also okay with getting naked and finds her hotness multiplied several times over when she puts on a boyfriend shirt. She's coming damn close to the image I have in my mind of the ideal woman. I also she that she's looking to make her way into the acting biz, although she's only got a few single shot appearances on a couple TV shows (both of which she's credited as "model") and a couple of short films. Clearly this woman needs to be a much more widespread phenomenon. Someone do something about that, because I need to see a whole lot more of this vision. 


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