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Let us not forget how Furiosa-ly hot Charlize Theron was at the Oscars

03.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Now that we should be moving on from how Sly supposedly got robbed and how Leo can no longer be used for Oscar loser memes and Chrissy Teigen making that awkward face at Stacey Dash, people are zeroing in on the fact that Chris Rock mispronounced Charlize Theron's name when she came out with Emily Blunt to present the first award of the night. Rock had a minor Travolta moment when he called her "Charice" but what might be more important to note is that while he also called her "more white," Theron is actually from South Africa, making her more African than the South Carolina-born Rock. Such is life when you're trying to host the Oscars, one of the most unforgiving gigs in all of the award season landscape. I figured since MAD MAX: FURY ROAD did such a bang-up job securing those technical awards and losing out on the major ones, leaving the hardcore fans of the movie whining as if they'd shit fire, I'd make sure Charlize got her very own post. While I wasn't as big of a fan of the movie as some, Furiosa is still one of the most badass characters in recent times (although it should be of note that Tom Hardy's Max was even more commendable, being that he readily acknowledged when a woman was better at something than he was and set his male ego aside... talk about great character). 


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