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Let's take Shay Mitchell's scenic route in Ocean Drive magazine

05.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The fashions in Ocean Drive magazine might be a bit unrealistic for the majority of the people buying the May 2017 issue featuring Shay Mitchell (one of the tops she wears is listed at almost $5,000) but damn if the Pretty Little Liars star doesn't make them look like they're worth every last penny. I get the feeling that we might be seeing a lot more of Mitchell with the series winding to a close this year than we will for the rest of the cast (perhaps save Lucy Hale, who bumped up a bit in recognition when her saucy topless selfies were hacked), mainly because Mitchell is just so damned sexy but also because she's a fun loving and friendly personality, something that a number of actresses in her age range seem to be flustered by. Sure, Shay takes a lot of selfies & Snapchats and whatever like the rest of them but she seems genuinely happy to share her life with her fans (PLL buddy Amber Benson should take note).

The fact that she has her head on her shoulders despite being criticized from the start of the series (Shay looks nothing like how her character is described in the books that the show is based on) is what impresses me most. "As long as I'm good with who I am and I can go to sleep at night confident with how I spend my time, my day, and the type of person that I am, then all is fine." Love this lady so much.

Source: Ocean Drive


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