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Let's not forget Bo Krsmanovic's sexy contribution to SI

02.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

Did you really think we were gonna leave Serbian seductress, Bo Krsmanovic's, foxy ass out in the cold? Hellz no! She's back in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for a second year in a row and you can tell this curvy commie is used to a frigid climate. Get a look at one of the many shots taken of Bo half naked in the snow. She ain't wearing shit, except see-through fabric on top and a thong to cover her bottom; yet, the nipples remained un-engorged. (Are Serbian men so conditioned to cold weather they're impervious to shrinkage?) Anyway, Bo once again delivers another collection of barely covered photos that are so hot they could thaw out the Kopanonik mountains. Pay close attention to the deep slope that is her lower back – it's one of Bo's finest attributes and it gives her ass a really nice pop.



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