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Leonardo DiCaprio has now become the embodiment of every man's dreams

01.06.2015by: Droz

It certainly looks like Leo has reached a pinnacle of success in life, or at the very least a success necessary to make the events in these pics a reality. We always knew Leo was partial to the hot models, though in the past he seemed determined to look like the sort who could pull in armfuls of world class supermodels. All that personal upkeep is a pain in the ass though. What we as guys really desire is to be able to have the supremely hot babes with no effort required. Not many ever get to that place and only those with Leo's list of accomplishments will ever enjoy this much available hottie ass and still look the way he does in these pics.

Take, for instance, your friendly news editor here. Were I to roam about some beach in a shitty t-shirt and flip-flops, my gut evident as I stuffed chunks of food in my unkempt, heavily bearded face, there is zero chance stopping to chat with a few hotties in bikinis would elicit anything but a cold shoulder. However, Leo in that state pulls them in with little effort. He doesn't even need to be looking in their direction or even be aware of their existence. Eventually, the babes just seem to gather around him in packs, sort of like how female sea lions might gather around an alpha male. And from this collection of random hottie flesh Leo may cull only the most choice hottie picks to load upon his Kodiac, bound for a huge yacht anchored just offshore where nightlong indulgences in grotesque acts of drunken debauchery await.

If that's not the life, then I don't know what else could be.


Source: Celebslam


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