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Lena Gercke deserves to be dubbed Germany's Next Top Model

05.11.2017by: No Cool Handle

How many of America's Next Top Model winners have gone on to become major players in the modeling industry? I ask with the utmost sincerity because I can't think of a single solitary one. Much like the majority of American Idol winners, those carefully selected champions rarely enjoy success that extends beyond their season-long run. Perhaps ANTP could take a cue from the Germany's version and pick a contestant who can actually make the uphill climb. That's right, after the very first and only season thus far, Germany's Next Top Model fulfilled the promise of the show's title and delivered unto the world a beautiful blonde [who's] perfectly capable of carving out a place in the competitive buisness of modeling – a "top" hottie. You can tell the judges studiously selected Lena Gercke; she bears all the hallmarks of a model people get excited about. Needless to say, we'll be following this promising hotties career with great eagerness.

Source: egotastic


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