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Lela Loren's sexy red carpet look makes a strong argument to watch her show

06.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I have a hard time keeping up with all of the new television programming going on. There are shows that have had premieres, healthy runs and series finales before I've even caught on to the fact that they existed. With all of the basic cable, pay cable, NetFlix originals, Hulu originals, YouTube, streaming.... BAH! I not even that old and I can still remember a time when you wanted to be home on certain days in order to catch specific shows on their original air date because otherwise your sibling was going to use the VCR to tape something else and you were screwed until the rerun came around during the summer.

And while there are bonuses to the changes that have gone into effect, the deluge of possibilities has left me staggering to find out that I've been missing beautiful women such as Lela Loren partaking in some seriously hot sex scenes on the Starz original show, "Power." It's centered around a dude who runs a night club catering to the rich and famous and this image is the best I can show you from one of Loren's scenes with star Omari Hardwick without needing to bust out the nipple covers. And they are some niiiiiiice nipples. The lacy green dress she wore to the red carpet premiere of the show's third season doesn't even begin to demonstrate just how good she looks OUT of it. Google, my friends. I'm off to queue up the show so I can watch more of this fine lady.


Source: Fab Mansion


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