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Legalize cloning now; we all need our own Alexandra Daddario

09.21.2015by: No Cool Handle

Just to put my unflinching obsessions with one of the hottest girls on the planet, Alexandra Daddario, in context -- I actually sat through the entire prequel/reboot of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- and that movie is terrible. But throughout the entire movie she's wearing skintight jeans and a bottom knotted t-shirt exposing her entire midriff. Watching that crappy movie and looking at these photos of her attending the HBO Emmy after party, I can't help but continually think how unfair it is there's not enough of her to go around.

There's so many cautionary tales and movies about the dangerous repercussions of cloning. Why doesn't anyone ever focus on the benefits? Imagine a future utopia where everyone can experience what a life-affirming two minutes of the reproduction process can be like with a female as breathtaking as this. Then take it one step further and imagine if they can engineer her personality to be totally compatible with yours; forget the two minutes. You can live all the blissful moments of a full life with her...or at least until you're ready to experience what life would be like with a clone of Jessica Alba, or both at the same time. Man, the possibilities are endless.

Source: Got Celeb


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