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Leave it to 138 Water to pull Angelica Bridges out of retirement

04.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

Yesterday, in regards to Ava Sambora's 138 Water promotional photos, I asked: Why the hell would she introduce herself to the world by sharing a frame with a bottle of 138 Water? – This is how former Playboy playmates spend their twilight. Case in point former playboy model, and still super sexy red head, Angelica Bridges, back from a prolonged hiatus. I'm almost positive it took but a mere phone call from one of the marketing reps at 138 - phone in one hand, dick in the other - to convince this beauty to get her tight tush back into some bikini bottoms. This is where 138 is of use; they provide means for hotties we all fondly remember to take a break from their now domesticated lifestyle and remind us why we obsessed over them in the first place. In Ms. Bridges case: she may 45 (what?) but she sure as shit doesn't look it - in fact, she looks exactly like remember. What do y'all think? Is their anything about her that looks middle-aged? Maybe there's something in that water after all.

Source: 138 Water


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