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LeAnn Rimes & her bikini hard body celebrate in Mexico

04.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
For someone who started off as a sidepiece, LeAnn Rimes has made that marriage of hers last 5 years now. Rimes was in Mexico to celebrate keeping it together with Eddie Cibrian, the dude that she had an affair with when he was married to a chick who would go on to be a Real Housewife, marking everyone as tabloid fodder and Twitter sparring partners. The former Mrs. Whatshisface and the current one have made amends through that social site but in the long run, LeAnn will always have the upper hand. Not only is she younger and way fitter than the plastic surgery addict, LeAnn still has that tremendously talented voice of hers to fall back on. Because she started out in country, I'm sure that when she's ready to get divorced and express some emotional pain, the resulting album will put lightweights like Carrie Underwood to shame. (For the Underwood fans, yeah yeah, she's a good singer, you love her, I get it, but be honest, Rimes has the better voice.) For now, bikini posts ad naseum from Rimes will do just fine.
Source: E Online


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