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LeAnn Rimes doesn't have a single H8er bone in her nipply body

12.14.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Because I was too lazy to get up from my computer, grab the remote and turn off the background noise that the TV was making after I watched my "Ice Loves Coco" on Sunday night, I inadvertently tuned into the E! exclusive interview with LeAnn Rimes. I'd been drinking some Tennessee Honey Jack Daniels and could potentially use that as my excuse for why, as I listened, not looking at the singer's face, I started to really rather like the woman.

She was open and honest, brutally truthful about her affair with a married actor whom she's married to now (frankly, I don't care to look up how his name is spelled, I have a good feeling that she'll move on from him a few years once she comes to the realization that she's surpassed him in self-awareness). She talked about how she was an only child, born late in the lives of her parents who referred to her as the miracle child... who happened to end up having this great singing talent.

If you give a listen to Rimes, she is, without a doubt, a jaw-droppingly awesome singer. I won't even begin to address anyone who says otherwise and then tells me they've never listened to her sing. Admitting that she wasn't allowed to have opinions, views, be political or religious during the time that her dad was pushing her to put out song after song and one year shoving her through over 300 live shows in the course of only one year ... only to sue her saying that she owed him money as her manager... I felt for the woman. She never got a chance to be a girl. She constantly is ragged on for being too skinny or that her new boobs look too fake.

I can't say that I didn't hate on her in the past. I know I did. I'd just like to say that I no longer hate on her now. Good egg, that LeAnn, even while growing up in the shittiest of circumstances. And paying that forward by performing at a No H8 benefit concert this week.


Source: Huffington Post


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