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LeAnn Rimes' bikini body deserves its own reality show

07.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor
We don't always have a lot to say about LeAnn Rimes because other than times such as this one, where she's photographed at poolside in a skimpy bikini, we don't tend to see much of LeAnn. It's a pity, seeing as how she really has one of the more masterful voices of the young people who came out of the '80's and '90's as kid stars. Once Rimes became embroiled in that dispute with her father for squandering the money she made when she was younger, it seemed to taint her in the industry. Combine that with her first marriage at a relatively young age and then the cheating scandal that resulted in her marriage to a lower-rung actor who's previous wife scored a lot of Real Housewives attention because of the mess and you get a math problem that no one wants to solve. Which again, is a huge pity. Besides having a voice that doesn't require autotune or wacked musical accompaniment, LeAnn also has an insanely hot body. Sure, she bought herself those boobs but they're up there as some of the best implants around (she could form a club with Kaley Cuoco and Courteney Cox). 
Source: People


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