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Lea Thompson and Zoey Deutch are past and present hotness

10.22.2015by: Droz

It's always a joy when the whole internet and media in general come together to beat dead horses into oblivion. Such was the case yesterday for the absurdly over-hyped BTTF day celebrations. I literally could not go anywhere or do anything without hearing that Alan Silvesteri score, or seeing the Delorean, or hearing Doc Brown lines, or presentations on all the things they predicted would happen in 2015, most of which was more wrong than right, lets be honest. I actually thought about watching the movies until they decided to beat me over the head with them. Now it's gonna be awhile before I can ever think about watching them again.

I'm always up for watching Lea Thompson and her daughter/doppelganger, Zoey Deutch, who both attended a cast reunion and screening of the original BTTF in NYC. They are quite an impressive pair. You can tell they have that mom and daughter joined at the hip relationship happening. How could they not? Lea just has to look at her and be instantly transported back to 1985, when she was Zoey's age and identical to her in every way. In a way, Zoey is kind of like Lea's time machine. I'd take her over a Delorean any day of the week.

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