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Lea Seydoux set the red carpet on fire at Mexico City premiere of Spectre

11.05.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Oh say, Seydoux see! Lea Seydoux has been putting on quite the hottie show when on red carpet premiere duty for SPECTRE. On Monday night the French actress had the crowd buzzing as she posed for pictures and stopped to sign autographs for the fans in attendance at the Mexico City premiere of the latest James Bond film. They still haven't made it official on whether or not Seydoux will be joining the cast of the GAMBIT movie but perhaps someone with class and talent will help to balance out what is sure to be Channing Tatum's bumbling (or, conversely, his stone-wall seriousness). Why can't that rumour about Tatum leaving the movie still be true?
Source: Daily Mail


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