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Lea Michele's bathing suit was hungry for booty on her new photo shoot

09.02.2016by: Droz

Lea Michele had a problem with her wardrobe while doing a photo shoot on the beach yesterday. Actually it was only a problem for her. The rest of us will probably view it as yet another great example of women's beach attire getting swallowed up by even the most moderately sized asses. Then it's that's thing where they have to continually spoil their butt's meal by yanking it out again and again. This is what I call great entertainment. As if a bikini or whatever wasn't eye-drawing enough, there's also the eye-drawing power of hands stretching and pulling at their asses. It's almost as if substantial asses want to turn a regular bathing suit into a thong. There's just another reason to love substantial asses.

Source: NSFW


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