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Lea Michele shows off her great shape at Shape magazine's fitness event

10.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Scream Queens has added some great people this season, with John Stamos killing it as a surgeon with a hand transplant from a serial killer (scratch that "people" because Lautner is a huge pile of suck, so it's pretty much just Stamos doing all the heavy lifting in the newbie department) but it's been even more fun seeing Lea Michele dig deeper into her bag of loony chick tricks, getting all Hannibal on us. I might have avoided her like the plague when she was on Glee but as a blood thirsty crackpot, I can't get enough. Sure, it helps that she's looking pretty damn good, with a fit body that isn't as starved as it had been when she was singing for her supper, but the fact that she's clearly given up a bit of that hot-shit-diva nonsense is majorly appealing. At this special event held by Shape magazine (for which she recently posed), Lea looked healthy, happy and not too haughty, even though she was a total hottie.
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