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Lea Michele does double hot cover model duty for Women's Health & Marie Claire

10.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Both Lea Michele and her show "Scream Queens" bring up conflicted feelings in me. I know a lot of people were initially scathing about the Fox darkly humourous show about sorority girls being terrorized by a campus serial killer, which wasn't the catalyst for me being skeptical (I mainly just hated "Glee" and figured it would be more like that than "American Horror Story") but definitely added to my surprise when I ended up liking the show. I keep feeling as if I shouldn't enjoy it, a side effect of so many years liking the things that people have so openly despised (*ahem*2 Broke Girls*ahem*), but it seems as if the original naysayers are now claiming the show is a guilty pleasure. Go figure.

As for Lea, I still can't shake my spidey senses regarding all of the diva rumours swirling around her but she's one of the aspects of "Scream Queens" that I really enjoy. She still overacts as she did in "Glee" but the character she's playing is far less grating and she appears to be having a blast being a sniveling little suck-up with Mommy issues.

In the interview she did with Marie Claire, blaming the producers for the less-than-stellar sales performance on her debut album, Louder, stating, "The problem with the first record was that I would record a song, and then I would get it back from production and it would sound very different... That album — a collection of conventional pop songs designed to lure her youthful Glee audience — was not a true Lea Michele album..." well, I'm not seeing any reason to overlook the diva claims so far. 

Source: Daily Mail


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