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Lea Michele bangs out a lotta leg at the 3rd annual Beauty Awards

02.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Fox is remaining vague as to whether or not Scream Queens will get renewed for a third season, demurring on the topic when asked, which might be why Lea Michele isn't wasting any time hooking up some new gigs. Lea has signed on with a huge number of other awesome people to be a part of Hulu's upcoming series Dimension 404, a sci-fi show created by a couple of newbies that is supposed to have a creepy Stephen King vibe to it. The series will feature 6 episodes with different story arcs, which filmed summer of 2016 and still have an undetermined release date. All I know is Patton Oswalt is on that cast list, so I am interested. As for the super leggy, as busty-as-she-could-muster look that Michele wore at the 3rd Annual Beauty Awards, it certainly is helping the case against her being nothing more than a former Gleek diva.
Source: Tom And Lorenzo


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