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Lauren Cohan's suitably boyish haircut for 'The Boy' Premiere

01.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

Another week, another PG-13 horror movie s#*tfest. What is it about this certain faction of moviegoers that think little kids and creepy dolls are the scariest things imaginable? Remember when monster's, carnage and twisted tales of tasteless violence defined horror? Now you just have some pale, veiny kid pop up in all the obvious places, or, some tattered doll with a hollow stare create an air of unease; rinse, repeat. It's not the studio's fault for continually churning these things out; there's clearly money to be made. But why is Lauren Cohen slumming it? She co-stars on one of the biggest shows on TV (The Walking Dead) that has more clout with horror enthusiasts than this dross - say what you want about TWD, at least it's not this restless spirit, by the numbers, re-packaging of a Japanese horror sub-genre. Oh yeah, Lauren. She looks hot; she showed up to 'The Boy' premiere remembering to forget a bra, and, drawing attention to the deliberate mind slip by sporting the always popular, plunging neckline. Why she had to cut her hair in the style of a Dillard's salesman - I'm sure, I don't know. I gave up on tying to figure out why women do this after the whole Kate Mara debacle.

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