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Lauren Cohan puts her best dress forward at the Oscar Wilde awards

02.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

Members of the undead community aren't the only ones who think Lauren Cohan looks good enough to eat. We here at Movie Hotties frequently acknowledge our ever-occurring, yet, very natural impulse to consume Lauren (albeit, in a figurative way, more tender way). Television's sexiest survivor made her appearance to the 12th annual Oscar Wilde awards in tight, white number that accentuated parts only a lady could have – without some serious transformative surgery, anyway. The only thing that could possibly outshine her tasty figure was that big, bright smile; one which belongs on larger-than-average coupons for all manner of dental hygiene products. Only a gorgeous grin like Lauren's can bring about an oral fixation without the usual sleazy implications that come along with it, and be appreciated for it's visual aesthetic alone. Any zombie will tell you, Lauren Cohan would truly be a treat for the taste buds.

Source: Got Celeb


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