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Lauren Cohan & Christian Serratos were the foxes in attendance for SDCC 2016

07.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm still not sold on Lauren Cohan's short hair. I'm sure that they'll find a way to keep Maggie's locks the same as they were when that cliffhanger I didn't watch from last season picks up again on October 23rd, so for now, let's just concentrate on the fact that Cohan has some of the most interesting style choices of any female celebrity lately. She goes for wild prints and bright colors, going far more daring than others and even managing to make a dress that looks like a bed ruffle look hot, what with those toned legs of hers on display at the Entertainment Weekly SDCC party. Cohan's co-star, Christian Serratos kept things far more sedate, opting for a tight white dress that showed off her famous cleavage while doing the press line and later sizzling in a strapless red mermaid style dress for that aforementioned party. I haven't read up on what's happening because at this point I'm trying to stay in the dark until the whole thing is over so I can watch in peace rather than bitching about people posting spoilers online or having to listen to Hardwick bust in with his squawking during commercial breaks. Hell, it worked when I waited until "Breaking Bad" was over to binge the entire series. I do miss my Norman, though I'm quite enjoying his "Ride with Norman Reedus" road show and the way he interacts so damn personably with the people he runs into during filming.
Source: Tom & Lorenzo


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