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Lauren Cohan all the way down to her underwear in GQ Mexico

02.02.2017by: No Cool Handle

Waking up to some fresh additional photos to Lauren Cohan's Mexico GQ shoot is as invigorating as that morning splash of water on your face, a hot caffeinated beverage and a platter full of essential nutrients and vitamins. The Walking Dead actress should be taking photos in her panties on a semi regular basis. At 35, it's hard to recall a moment in her career when she's looked hotter, that tummy so well defined and a face that conveys the life experiences of a woman who has spent almost four decades on this planet, without the wear and tear. You have to wonder if Lauren secretly hopes to be the next major cast member to be consumed by the undead, finally freeing her up to pursue the possibility of reaching higher plateaus in her career. It's easy to get the sense: even with the incredible challenges that come along with transitioning from television to the big screen, for Lauren Cohan, the way is already paved. She need only take that first step in the proper direction.

Source: GQ


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