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Lauren Alaina proves they grow 'em thick down on the farm

04.04.2016by: Droz

I'm pretty much clueless to the country music scene. Never really was my music, although I do have something of a nostalgic fancy for some classic country. Modern day country, on the other hand, sounds something similar to the screeches of a wolverine being strangled while it's teeth are simultaneously dragged across a chalkboard. There are certain forms of torture I would rather endure than listen to modern country. This said, I can see the appeal of certain country stars. Their music might hurt the ears, but some are fairly easy on the eyes. Take Lauren Alaina here. You American Idol watchers might recognize her as a runner-up from season 10. I, of course, don't recognize her from that. However, I'm catching up quickly to the qualities she brings to the table. This is precisely how jeans should be worn on a sexy little thick hottie like Lauren. Now if we could just get her into some different kinds of music. Then she'd be marrying material for sure.

Source: GotCeleb


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