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Lanky Latina Lais Ribeiro in a scorching bikini spread for GQ

08.12.2015by: No Cool Handle

My apologies for the delay folks. Apparently these drool worthy photos of Victoria's Secret's model Lais Ribeiro have been around a couple weeks, but flown under my radar. I'm still trying to figure out - how the hell? Photos this hot are usually plastered all over the inter-web, as inescapable as the dirty thoughts seeping into my gray matter; not to mention the unstoppable flow of adjectives like toned, tight, thin, exotic and so on. This tall drink of water has a lot going for her, and consequentially, gets a lot going for me. If any of you know of a more textbook torso than the one on display in these photos - feel free to point them out to me. Words need not apply, that look on her face tells every man exactly what they need to know. Give yourself over completely to her, you are helpless against lustfull powers. What you'll receive in return, is never having to experience the ego crushing feeling of not being able to get it up.

Source: GQ


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