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Lake Bell gets a creative assist from the wind, flashes the red carpet

09.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I pretty much fell for Lake Bell watching her go toe-to-toe with Rob Corddry in 2008's WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, where the two of them ate up the screen and took the shine away from the two leads who were supposed to get all of your attention (don't forget, we got to see Krysten Ritter in a sexy Girl Scout costume in that too). Since then, Bell has been the body to beat when it comes to casting a sexy woman with a brain who also happens to have an insane body. At the Creative Emmys on Sunday night, Lake showed off her post-baby body (again, she swears she has no hardcore workout plan like most starlets and just tries to eat and live healthy - lucky f*cking woman) in a fringe covered couture gown. All of which looked awesome before the windy day decided to reveal that the fringe was backed by a whole lot of sheer material underneath, giving us a fantastic glimpse of her taut abs and flesh colored panties. HOT DAMN. Seriously. This woman is so sexy, she might end up the next unnecessary evil made illegal by the California Government.

Source: Hollywood Life


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