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Lais Ribeiro is free with the beauty in the new Free People campaign

03.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Victoria's Secret has been slacking in its representation of Brazilian babe Lais Ribeiro. I feel as if there was a moment where she might have gotten picked up as the next Tyra, with her creamy caramel complexion and curvy body that seems to both have the boobs that so many of the newer Angels need Photoshop to achieve and yet lacks that frightening thigh gap that many of them DO have. In this shoot for the Free People clothing company, which I had assumed was stationed out of somewhere either cool and tropical or bohemian and West Coast but is actually headquartered in Philly, Ribeiro gets featured front and center, showing you all of the clothing they sell that you won't look half as good in. She was super cute on that New Girl episode with Prince (no, I still don't really watch that show but PRINCE, come on... you don't pass up anything with Prince), so it would be interesting to see if she could be one of the models who could succeed being less static.
Source: Got Celeb


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