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Lacey Chabert's stand up hotness goes to the dogs

11.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor
What sucks about Lacey Chabert having grown up to be the scorching hottie of today is that she's acting far less than she did when she was an awkward little kid. Chabert has some killer comedic timing and a sense for the business that too few of the younger kids working have grasped and yet the most recent work that she's had either doesn't capitalize on her sensational body (all that voice over work is great but still...) or schmaltzy TV movies made for the estrogen channels. At least we get a chance to check her out when she gussies up for charity events, such as this one held by host Kaley Cuoco to help raise money for pitbulls, one of the misunderstood and targeted breeds of dogs. All I'm asking for is some sharp dialog in a script that has her in a bikini. I wonder who would be willing to host a charity event for THAT.
Source: Celeb Mafia


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