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Kylie Minogue shows she still has the goods at the NME Awards

02.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Considering she's about to turn 48-years old this upcoming May, Kylie Minogue might want to consider bottling up whatever it is that she does/takes to stay looking this good. Lady would make a fortune far beyond whatever income she rakes in from her singing and acting careers. On the red carpet at the 2016 NME Awards in London, Minogue looked leggy and positively glowing as the paps took her pictures. Perhaps it's the love she's found with current beau, who seems to know a thing or two himself about picking the right piece of jewelry, judging by that huge rock Kylie is wearing on her finger. I've always been impressed with the length of legs Minogue has, considering that she's only 5 feet tall. It's as if they took a supermodel and shrank her to a pocket sized version. 
Source: Daily Mail


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