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Kylie Minogue dazzles in green at One For the Boys charity event

06.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Kylie Minogue might have set the bar too high for women named Kylie. The pint-sized blonde dynamo has been a singing, acting, cancer fighting sensation for so many years, you can't blame the Jenner girl for wishing that she could trademark the name to exploit but having no grounds to even get that lawsuit on the books because of how awesome Minogue is. Dressed in a brilliant green and on the arm of her fiancee, Kylie was all smiles at the One For the Boys charity event held in the UK during fashion week. The organization was started by actor Samuel L Jackson to help spread awareness about men's cancers and fund research for the prevention and treatment of those cancers that afflict the male population. See? And you thought that Jackson was all just about the muthaf@cking snakes on the muthaf@cking planes when he really cares about crawling up your ass and kicking the disease out of it.
Source: Got Celeb


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