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Kylie Jenner is fantastic, made of plastic in Flaunt's Barbie inspired shoot

05.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Just so we have a jumping off point, this is what Kylie Jenner looked like 3 years ago:

While I eschew posting pictures of teenage girls, I'm also still posting pictures of teenage girls because Kylie doesn't turn 20 until August. Which makes it amusing that the title of her Barbie inspired feature over at Flaunt magazine is "So Many Margaritas, So Little Feeling." They claim she's hot and then take a poke at her in their own title. At this point, I have to wonder how many human parts are left on the littlest Jenner, what with her lip injections, various other facial dermabrasions, breast implants, ass implants and who the hell knows what else. I would feel sorry for the girl if she wasn't a multi-millionaire simply through the act of breathing air and going under the knife. Or for the fact that she's motivating so many other perfectly fine looking young women to do crazy shit to themselves because they believe this is attractive. I don't post about her because I think she's hot. This is the "CAUTION" sign at the opening of a dark, dank cave. Do no enter. Turn back now. Think of this post as a human head on a spike because well, that's sort of what it's beginning to look like.

Source: Flaunt


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