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Krysten Ritter would like you to consider her

05.05.2016by: Droz

We have another couple months before the Emmy nominees are officially announced, but the push to get in on that celebrated list is in full swing. Among the ambitious lot making their "for your consideration" efforts for the big prize are the folks behind AKA Jessica Jones. I like the subtle reminder about how this is a Netflix show. Just in case it wasn't clear enough. Among JJ's Emmy advocates was Krysten Ritter, who plays the superhero detective on the Netflix show. I consider Krysten one of my favorites. She's got a quality I find irresistible. I have my doubts about how irresistible the Emmy people will find her and her show. Not necessarily because she doesn't deserve it. I just have no faith in the Emmy's to select worthy candidates. Streaming services don't have any business participating in these awards anyway. They've got enough original content across the various services now to justify their own award. They could call it a Streamy. I'd nominate Krysten for that.

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