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Krysten Ritter was happy to be glammed up in a sexy red dress

06.09.2016by: Droz

We've seen a lot of Krysten Ritter since Jessica Jones premiered last year. Press conferences, premieres, red carpet events, sidewalks, beaches - they've all been sources for Krysten imagery. Something I've noticed in that 7 or 8 month span is how her demeanor has changed. Time was any Krysten imagery was bound to feature her doing a kind of Morticia Addams thing, looking all mysterious and seductive. She's not so much about this kind of personality any more. Just look at her here at this Glamour event. All kinds of big smiles and happy, pleasantries. No more black or dark everything, as was once her MO. She's all about the bright colors and pretty gowns. Clearly Krysten turned a corner when she upped her career game with Jessica Jones, leaving behind those old goth ways for a more mainstream media approach. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss her old style, but then again I'm much more "take what I can get" when it comes to Krysten. If she wants to be bright ray of sunshine now, I'm cool with it, as long as she keeps showing off her cute little booty.

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