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Krysten Ritter is jonesing for some ass-kicking on the set of her new show

03.20.2015by: Droz

You Marvel fans and aficionados of Krysten Ritter's ass should find some interest in these pics of her roughing up some guy on the set of her new Netflix show, A.K.A Jessica Jones. This is the second Marvel Netflix series after Daredevil and part of 4 upcoming new shows based on comic characters. For those not in the know, Jessica Jones is a kind of on again, off again superheroine in the Alias and The Pulse comic series, who drops out of the superhero racket and starts her own private detective agency that seems to deal mostly with the affairs of other superheroes. Krysten is an interesting choice for this character. I'm somewhat familiar with these comics, thanks to an old girlfriend who was into them back in the day. From what I recall of the backstory, Jessica is kind of a black sheep where superheroes are concerned - never quite content to be the kind of person her superpowers persuade others to become. That suits Krysten okay, as she's also a little different from the pack. Not really the traditional Hollywood beauty is she, yet still plenty sexy.

I'm more curious about how much of the story from the comics they're going to be able to bring over to the show. I know that Jessica has dealings with many a prominent Marvel character, among them Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, as well as various iterations of The Avengers and so on. It would be pretty cool to see some of those characters drop in from time to time, though I suspect that these Netflix shows are operating on their own level, which probably means there wont be much reference made to the goings on in the movies. I could be wrong though. We'll just have to wait and see what happens there when A.K.A. Jessica Jones premieres some time in late 2015.


Source: Superior Pics


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