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Krysten Ritter is beautiful when she's angry

12.11.2015by: Droz

Looked like Krysten Ritter was feeling a little of that Jessica Jones hostility to some paps who caught her unaware coming out of a studio the other day. Sorry about that, Krysten. No need to be mad though. You look great here. You should be happy to spread your goodness around.

Speaking of Ms. Jones, I've been giving some thought to my impressions of that show. I enjoyed it, for the most part. I was pleased that it contained one of the things I've felt was missing from all the big and small screen Marvel efforts, namely hot hero on hero sex. There were some issues though. Note: those of you who haven't seen the show should just skip down to the pics now. Anyway, things did start to get repetitive when they kept capturing and losing Kilgrave over and over again. I get that the whole point was to exonerate the innocent girl, but still. How many people did he force to kill or subject to horrible torture while Jessica was trying to get her evidence? I think a more compelling scenario would have been for him to elude her grasp until the last episode, at which point they could have the final showdown situation like they have it now. I was also a little disappointed in how they ended things. They squandered a great character by having Jessica resolve things the way she did. Let's just say that I wasn't even close to being ready to see that character be dealt with in that fashion. Hopefully they can think up some silly comic book plot device to fix that situation for season 2.


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