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Krysten Ritter is a woman we love too

03.14.2016by: Droz

I can't say for sure which of Netflix's Marvel shows I like better. I'm pretty solid on Jessica Jones' bad guy over Daredevil's. It's the protagonists who give me a little trouble. Daredevil is a bad ass and I dig his powers, but then Krysten Ritter is no slouch on ass-kicking with her super powered detective skills on her show. There's also the fact that she's fairly easy on the eyes, as proven by her sexy little spread in Esquire this month. One thing Jessica definitely has over Daredevil are the sex scenes. There's something especially hot about a superhero tearing up her bedroom while going at it with another superhero. So I guess I'm on Krysten's side in this. Kinda hard not to be when she's got on the sexy fishnets and boots.

Source: Esquire


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