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Krysten Ritter in some butt jeans will have you Jonesing for more

11.17.2015by: Droz

I'm looking forward to binging on some of that Jessica Jones come Friday when it premieres on Netflix. Daredevil proved that the grittier Marvel productions are far more interesting to me than the high polish of the movies. Plus, this show has one of the more fascinating villains they've yet to incorporate into any Marvel franchise, be it TV or movie or whatever. Even better is that Krysten Ritter is at the center of the whole thing. I've been waiting since Breaking Bad for her to find her way into something not so blatantly girly in its inception. Nice to see that finally happening. Lack of interest in some of her other stuff aside, I enjoy the way Krysten breaks all my rules when it comes to hotties. One of those rules concerns the unlikely scenario whereby a skinny thing like her owns such a plump butt. She's full of all kinds of surprises. That may be the best thing about Krysten.

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